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Why is it that during the debates, immigration was such a hot button. Laws were passed in several states in regards to the undocumented immigrants to intimidate and dehumanize real people who by all accounts are also being called "economic refugees. Taking my gloves of on this one, the states that have passed these laws all have Republican governors and majority Republican legislators (Arizona, S.Carolina, and Alabama).

What strikes at the heart of the matter is that the service industry, growers, and other businesses will tell you under no certain terms that they need these workers to grow their businesses. Apparently that does not matter to state governments. They know that the undocumented immigrant does not have a voice or a viable advocate and so they can kick them around like an empty can.

That is a big, big mistake by Republicans. When you pass laws like the ones you did, and I understand the legality of the entire issue, but this time you went too far. The Republicans have established a "get the Latino Vote Out" program. That will be a good chunk of change down the drain as well as their efforts, time, and energy spent on getting Latinos to vote Republican.

Republicans have insulted the Latino community, by passing laws that split families, This being a very sacred institution for Latinos. impacts not only the undocumented but also those that are citizens or have permanent residency in the U.S. Latinos have for the most part have an integrated culture whereas you marry regardless of citizenship status. You have Mom or Dad who may be undocumented. Children who may be born in another country and some children that were born in the U.S. Families are literally being torn apart.

That extends some families across borders and complicates the issue for families. The states that have passed laws targeting the undocumented have also shut the door for the Republican Party. Get the Vote Out! Yes, but not for a Republican candidate.