1 .It appears to me that the millions of dollars that have been donated to Super PACs by Republicans will be used to destroy what is left of the middle class. 2. Most American workers are making less now than they were 4 years ago. 3. Republican governors and republican state politicians are purging voters off their right to vote without any justification.
4. We wish we could trust all political ads to be truthful. 5. The issues of the presidential election are crucial for all working people. 6. Republicans have attacked women and minorities on several occasions. 7. Low interest student loans are and should be a concern for the future of this country. 8. Mitt Romney is desperately appeasing and pleasing Republicans with big money. 9. Mitt Romney is being used by his donors and he doesn't know how to say "NO". 10. You heard it from me first, Marco Rubio does not move the Latino community. 11.Many Latinos will not vote this election. There is a feeling of betrayal and disrespect. 12. There is definitely a racial/ethnic divide that is deepening in this country. 13. If there is a new president, the economy will not be fixed. 14. Employment will not be fixed. 15. There will be a bloody revolution in Syria. 16. The worldwide economy is more problematic than Iran. 17. Have we forgotten that North Korea is a threat?