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After reading the Letter to the Editor today about banning the TV program "Nip/Tuck", I started thinking (that's never good). Even though he didn't come out & say in his letter the show is not appropriate for "the children", having talked with the group personally, that sent the letter to him, I knew that's the driving force behind wanting it banned. This particular show is on cable, not "network TV". What people need to understand is the best way for them to have their voices heard is not to have individual shows banned but to stop subscription to the cable channels that show them. The station loses viewership, revenue is lost, they either change their format or they go broke.

Going to the government to "solve" our problems is not a good thing. Look around at all the freedoms we have lost, in my lifetime alone. Most of the time the government is successful at removing them by stating "it's for our future, the children". Knee jerk reactions ensue, because of course everyone wants to protect "the children". How will our children ever learn to make wise choices when we are taking the options away from them? I am a mother & now a grandmother & of course I want what is best for my progeny, but what I think is best & what others think is best, may be 2 different things.

I, more than anyone, hate the term "dialogue". When we ban everything we deem "offensive" it removes a perfect opprotunity to do just that with our children. Instead of banning said products, programming, items, etc & instead talk to our kids about why we don't watch, listen, purchase said items, we would have another tool for instilling personal values to our kids. If it doesn't exist we no longer have that opprotunity. Even if our children are all raised in the same beige bubble, they will still be individuals, different than the next. By removing any & all choices deemed "bad" we are removing from them the most important life lessons at a very young age. Their ability to make good choices when they are teens & adults will be dimished.

More importantly though, when we demand the government take action on every little thing that personally offends us as individuals, eventually your pleasures will find themselves under government scrutiny. We are running out of things to ban, tax to death, regulate, etc. Soon, most things considered mundane will come under scrutiny, then what? As of yesterday, I am now paying an additional $1 per pack of cigarettes under the guise of helping "the children". What are the life obstacles going to do when people quit due to budget tightening & the childrens health insurance, once again, loses funding? I know what I'll do, I will laugh as I watch somebody else get tax raped for their pleasure.

Bottom line, if you don't like something, find it offensive or what not, don't go tattling to the government. Stand up, join forces & attack the disease, don't go crying to Daddy to fix it.