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  • LAHightower

    Salsa Chicken Salad

    By LAHightower in Community Conversation

    I decided to try my hand at a chicken salad earlier this week. I wanted to give it a salsa flavor, but I also wanted to keep it low fat so I could serve it to my Meltdown team. So ...

  • mikeforman

    UIL realignment and reclassification

    By mikeforman in Forman Flashes

    There's been a lot of talk about numbers among high school football fans. The talk centers around  ADA or average daily attendance to be exact. Schools turned in their ADA to the UIL in October and will find out what classification ...

  • AllisonMiles

    Tumbling towers of T-shirts

    By AllisonMiles in Business Notebook

    I'm not sure what you should call me: a sentimental saver, a memory hoarder or a plain, old pack rat. Any of the three would probably suffice. But whether it's the ticket to a concert I attended with a good friend, a baby ...

  • PEbner

    Magazine cover distasteful

    By PEbner in The world of golf

    It amazes me that Golfweek vice president and editor Dave Seanor finds it hard to believe that the cover of the magazines most recent edition is being met with negative reaction. The cover of Golfweek shows a photo of a ...

  • LAHightower

    Tilapia Yumminess

    By LAHightower in Community Conversation

    Yes, Yumminess. I like to make a new word every now and then. It makes me feel important. Like Colbert and his "truthiness," which is now officially in the dictionary, btw. I cooked up my tilapia on Tuesday, and it ...

  • AprillBrandon

    Are We Being Groomed for Big Brother?

    By AprillBrandon in Pop Goes the Culture

     I've never been one who is big on conspiracy theories. Okay, that is a complete and total lie. I'm absolutely fascinated with them. Did we really land on the moon? Is Suri Cruise the reincarnation of Ron L. Hubbard? When ...

  • LeslieWilber

    Get up, stand up

    By LeslieWilber in For your information

    My dad sang from an unconventional lullaby play list. The Ramones got top billing, as did this song.   I don’t know if he meant it to become the anthem that runs through my head when I'm getting ready to ...

  • ChrisCobler

    Any Aggie fans want to sell 2 tickets to the KU game?

    By ChrisCobler in Your Advocate: an editor's blog

    I made the mistake of waiting too long to try to buy tickets to the KU-Texas A&M game March 8 in College Station. I'm used to watching KU play on the road at the University of Colorado, where attendance typically ...

  • LeslieWilber


    By LeslieWilber in For your information

    Mmmm....pie charts. The Texas Comptroller has this handy Web page to help taxpayers track their cash: Nice as a roll-over pie chart is, I like the glossary best. In my pre-Victoria life, I reported on city government, so I ...

  • ALongLook

    True Crime

    By ALongLook in The Write Stuff

    Just found out that a pre-trial hearing for Kevin Hailey - the man arrested for the triple homicide in Atlanta, Texas in 1992 - is set for late Feb. Also, his attorney has requested a change of venue. I really ...

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