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  • PEbner

    Excitement on the links

    By PEbner in The world of golf

    A lot of things are going on around the local and area go scene at the present time. Two area golfers professionals have been honored by the Southern Texas PGA. Aaron Chilek, formerly of Yoakum and current first assistsant at ...

  • ALongLook


    By ALongLook in The Write Stuff

    I jolted wide awake last night, actually early this morning, with a potential lead paragraph for the true crime story I'm writing. I love it and hate it when that happens (depending on how long it takes to go back to ...

  • dtewes

    Comet Holmes Update

    By dtewes in Sky Watch

       Comet Holmes is still drawing the attention of the astronomy community as its explosion continues. While reports that it appears to be losing some of its brightness, Holmes is still visible to the naked eye in the northeast ...

  • ChrisCobler

    What drives Jim Lehrer as a journalist?

    By ChrisCobler in Your Advocate: an editor's blog

    This quote from Jim Lehrer struck a chord with me: "I really believe with all my heart and soul that there is not one problem that can't be resolved by good people. That is the drive for me as a ...

  • AprillBrandon

    Radiohead's little experiment...

    By AprillBrandon in Pop Goes the Culture

    Whudda thunk it, folks? If you give people the option of either paying for something or getting it for free, most people will chose to (...wait for it...wait for it...) take it for free. I know! I'm just as shocked ...

  • dtewes

    From flooding to drought

    By dtewes in Sky Watch

       Proponents of global warming might call it a sign of the times, but the federal government has launched a national drought portal. It provides a comprehensive look at drought conditions as they exist today and forecasts of where they're ...

  • BeckyCooper


    By BeckyCooper in The Daily Commute

    Sometimes you see strange things along the highway. On the way to work today I met  a northbound ambulance and following behind it was a hearse....not a good sign for someone.  

  • BeckyCooper

    Vote today

    By BeckyCooper in The Daily Commute

    On my way to work today I stopped at the fire station and cast my vote in the Constitutional amendment election and the Yoakum school bond election - both very important issues. It only took a couple of minutes. If you ...

  • AllisonMiles

    A creative cubicle ... is there such a thing?

    By AllisonMiles in Business Notebook

    As I'm sitting here writing this, I'm looking at the wall behind my computer screen. A light tan. It's not ugly and it's not horrible, but at the same time, it isn't thought-provoking. And I don't think I'm alone. I ...

  • ChrisCobler

    Why didn't Denzel Washington make the front page instead of Michael Ratcliff?

    By ChrisCobler in Your Advocate: an editor's blog

    One of my favorite Web sites is Snopes, which checks out all of those rumors floating around cyberspace. I don't know who runs the site, but I've found it a great way to quickly check out the e-mails my friends, ...

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