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  • BeckyCooper

    Business abounds on country road

    By BeckyCooper in The Daily Commute

    Friday I had to go to Hallettsville on business before  coming to the office. Instead of taking the traditional trip up US Highway 77-A I took the back roads to Sweet Home, then FM 318 through Mont and on to  US 77, ...

  • AprillBrandon

    They Call Me Chunky Bob

    By AprillBrandon in Pop Goes the Culture

    Being fairly young myself, I've never been one who was quick to bash teenagers and the absolutely stupid things they sometimes do (especially considering technically I'm still wanted in three states for that "little" prank I pulled when I was ...

  • mikeforman

    Week 6 Arrives

    By mikeforman in Forman Flashes

    The biggest game of Week 6 is Refugio hosting George West. Both teams are 6-0 and 2-0 in District 31-2A. Refugio has been virtually unstoppable on offense but its defense needs work. It will be interesting to see how the ...

  • GabeSemenza

    Coolest house on Earth?

    By GabeSemenza in Crowdsourcing

    Not only does this house sit above the California clouds, it operates partially on solar power, it's as modern as they come -- and, oh, yeah, it's priced at a meer $19 million. I wonder how much the pool, which ...

  • AllisonMiles

    Scraps with Digital Snaps

    By AllisonMiles in Business Notebook

    Pop quiz: What do you get when you combine a digital camera, your home computer and a technologically-impaired art lover? If you answered "a big mess" you might be right ... but the response we're looking for here is "better ...

  • ChrisCobler

    Here's looking back at you, Toni Anne. Thanks for the feedback.

    By ChrisCobler in Your Advocate: an editor's blog

    After our ethics board meeting Tuesday, I shared the comments of blogger Toni Anne. Several board members agreed she expressed well the spirit of our new site. We don't want to create strict rules. We salute readers like Toni Anne ...

  • AllisonMiles


    By AllisonMiles in Business Notebook

    Just like a proper lady, scrapbooks need to accessorize. Don't get me wrong, I am by no means a proper lady. Any time I can get away with jeans, a T-shirt and flip-flops, I'm all for it. But embellishments can ...

  • AprillBrandon

    Merry October, everyone!

    By AprillBrandon in Pop Goes the Culture

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. There is nothing better than heading out in mid-October with the excitement of Halloween in your heart only to find that half the costume aisle is now filled with little Santa ...

  • ALongLook

    Web Matters

    By ALongLook in The Write Stuff

    There are hundreds, probably thousands, of web sites geared toward writers. They offer everything from writing tips, to insights into the publishing industry, to ways to quit procrastinating. All of them have free content and some offer expanded content for ...

  • WesBloomquist

    Rockets open preseason

    By WesBloomquist in The Spiral

    Although the television is snowy and I've been taking volleyball calls throughout the game, the Houston Rockets aren't looking too bad in their first preseason game of the year. From what I've seen Luis Scola looks to be the real ...

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