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  • juliezavala

    Undeliverable: LOVE

    By juliezavala in My Turn

    Today my husband came across an old email my Mom had sent to me and I had forwarded to him back in 2008. He forwarded the email back to me so I could see it again. It was good to ...

  • melissacrowe

    Child Poverty in Victoria County

    By melissacrowe in Man Bites Dog

    Texas Tribune published a new database today reporting on child poverty rates in every county in Texas. "In fast-growing Texas, which is home to one in 11 of the nation's children, child poverty has continued to rise despite an improving ...

  • juliezavala

    Meditate on this

    By juliezavala in My Turn

    For me, meditation is hard-- I have this chatty voice going non-stop in my head that distracts me from any sense of peace. Or maybe I shut the voice off for a moment only to realize that I've just veered ...

  • ssneath

    Most Americans know little about hydraulic fracturing, national survey says.

    By ssneath in Enviro-Minded

    As the debate about alternative energy heats up, Americans remain in the dark about the controversial process used to extract oil and natural gas. A study conducted by Oregon State, George Mason and Yale universities found that 58 percent of ...

  • SonnyLong

    I am an Auburn man

    By SonnyLong in The Write Stuff

    The day is finally here. Game day. Auburn vs. Alabama. The Iron Bowl. But not just any Iron Bowl. The top-ranked and undefeated Crimson Tide visiting once-beaten, #4 Auburn. While I prefer to stay above the rhetoric, hype, hoopla, trash-talking ...

  • jessicapriest

    Shop smart online

    By jessicapriest in On the Docket

    It's Black Friday, and while most Americans are sleeping off their turkey dinners or wandering around the mall in search of a deal, I'm at work. I decided I should organize the files on my computer, my emails and notebooks. ...

  • CarolinaAstrain

    Algebra II in real life

    By CarolinaAstrain in The Education Beat

    Quadratic. Exponential. Logarithmic. Linear. These descriptors are all tied to equations Texas students are required to learn as part of their mastery of the TEKS, or Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. Or at least, they were required to learn them ...

  • BiancaMontes

    Top 10 locations a hate crime is committed

    By BiancaMontes in The Blotter

    According to statistics released this week by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, almost 33 percent of hate crimes reported in 2012 happened in or near residences or homes. While Victoria reported that no instances of hate crimes occurred in its ...

  • ChrisCobler

    You can keep your pumpkin pie, Pilgrim

    By ChrisCobler in Your Advocate: an editor's blog

    Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday for spending time with your family and giving thanks. But please join me in ending this annual ode to pumpkin pie. The goofy-looking gourd is great for Halloween carving, but it produces a pitiful pie. ...

  • juliezavala

    Do it now

    By juliezavala in My Turn

    The other day, someone posted a message on Facebook that said, "Do it now. Sometimes later becomes never." There's another colorful and coarse saying-- "$&#@ or get off the pot." Basically the same message, but the second one seems a ...

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