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Please go easy on the “dislike” icon; this is, after all, my first blog. I cannot wait to hear or read something of mine and say, “It must be true; I saw it on the internet.” However, here goes my first. I write about something I am very passionate about. That is coming 3rd Annual Stroll,Roll’n’Run which is to be held on Sunday March 4, 2012 in Riverside Park, Victoria TX. If interested in hearing and seeing how this event was created, go to

But for now, I post this “Web Log” about the one coming up. Here are the answers to questions about this year’s event that Kayla Bell (reporter at Victoria Advocate) asked to write an article on it:

I hope to raise awareness of the disease called ALS and sometimes ‘Lou Gehrig’s”. It is amazing that 5,000 t0 6,000 individuals are diagnosed with ALS every year and 5,000 to 6,000 die from it every year with, on the average, 30,000 to 40,000 living with different stages of it any given year (due to increase with the Baby Boomer segment of the population now reaching the average age for the disease onset).

Some (patients with ALS) can't run any more (Run - a 5K race, and kid's 50 yard Fun Run), some can't walk anymore (Stroll - a 5K walk), some can't even roll themselves in a wheel chair anymore (Roll - a short 50 yd. race); and some can't sing or speak anymore (an Ecumenical Worship to begin the day). So, please come to the Stroll,Roll’n’Run and do these for and with us.

We need to raise money for a treatment and/or cure for ALS. It has been 132 years since it was listed as a disease here, over 70 years since Lou Gehrig died of it, 5 people in Victoria have been diagnosed with it over the last 5 years (One death and one newly diagnosed in 2011) And Still No Cure or Treatment. But we live in hope that one will soon be found. It isn't a incurable disease - it's just underfunded.

Victoria has been so helpful in stepping up to the plate for the past 2 years, we are hopeful (and need sponsors) that Victoria will do it again on March 4, Sunday, in Riverside Park. We have already received support with money and/or in-kind donations (for the 'Goodie Bag', Silent Auction, food to go along with the Nolan Ryan All Natural Beef "Hot Dog" Lunch and refreshment stations along the 5K Run (race) and the 5K Stoll (walk) and also with talents for Worship at the Ecumenical Worship starting at 10:30 am in the "Rosebud" Stadium.

Please Come for a day in the park a fun, family event for a good cause. And it will happen 'Rain or Shine'. We'd love to walk, run and roll wet this year... Registration begins at 9:00 $25.00 gets everything: A 2012 T-shirt, Race or walk entry and bib making you eligible for prizes or drawings, a Hot Dog Lunch with everything including a drink, and 'Goodie Bag' with items from Sponsors and etc.; or each sold separately until we run out.

Worship at 10:30 am in the ballpark Silent Auction from 11:00. until 1:00p Meal begins at 11:30a until we run out 5K Race (while others eat) at 11:45 5K Stroll/walk (while runners eat) at 12:15p 5K Race awards at 12:30p Then at 1:30p is Kid's Fun Run.
Followed by the Roll (Wheelchair race - Keith Onken in a manual chair always wins, so don't count that! This year Bill Hassel wins in his "souped-up" power chair: Last year he got beat by a 'girl' (Carolyn Shimek) vowing "never again.

And we end the day with the 5K Stroll Awards (actually a drawing for all walkers and participants with a bib tag turned in. You must be present to win.

By 2:00p it should be over and clean-up is needed then stay: Enjoy the rest of your day in park, at the Zoo or golf; if you must.

FYI: the 5k race has awards for Male and Female overall winner and then winners Male and Female by age categories (with a new Race-timing crew, we hear, so it'll be fun.) Then the Kids will all get a finisher's ribbon.

And the wheelchair winner's? Well they get "braggin" rights for a year.

This year we are adding some participants as the MDA Chapter which will have a table with information on the other 43 neurological/muscular diseases they work with as well. Those with MD and other diseases are invited to join in this year. ALSA will have a table and also Avon which has a special Sophia necklace which proceeds go to ALS Research named in honor of our Victoria patient with ALS Sophia Smith.

All the rest is the same as prior years with this year's event is special as it is dedicated "In Loving Memory of Craig Fox" who died last August ending his battle with ALS. This terrible disease that eventually renders useless every muscle in the human body until death from it is sad. To watch Craig die of it and realizing I was in effect watching a mirror of my own future; only serves to enhance my resolve and with all my PALS (Patients with ALS) to do everything I can so that nobody behind me will have to face life with ALS.

We have this event only to help fund the finding of a treatment and/or cure for ALS. The sad numbers are above in the first paragraph. ALS TDI is the number one non-profit institute created for finding a Therapy for ALS and developing a strategy for delivering it to humans. Please go to to find out more.

And last I want all to accept my undying gratitude to the young reporters of the Victoria media (who make believe their generation is not as bad and the 'media' sometimes portrays); their supervisors/bosses who have let our story be told (at least in our corner of the world); and the loving/giving people of Victoria and our area who 'pitch in' for this cause are the best people in the world.


Bill Hassel