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I have had a number of Birthers ask me recently asked me why I believed that the President's birth certificates were legitimate. Here's my answer to their questions.

REASON I: THE NATURE OF THE DOCUMENTS THEMSELVES A. Both documents were issued by the legitimately constituted, elected government of the sovereign State of Hawaii. B. The 2007 document "Certificate of Live Birth" was legally certified as genuine by the State Registrar Dr. Alvin T. Onaka. C. Such documents are usually issued in place of the "long form birth certificate" and are considered valid for all legal purposes—my wife when she applied for her passport in 2009 received the Texas version of the 2007 document and the Feds happily accepted it as valid. D. The April 25, 2011 copy of the "long form" birth certificate was also certified by Dr. Onaka. E. This document exhibits all of the characteristics of document generated in the late 1950's or early 1960's. 1. The form copied (not the copy itself) appears to a professionally printed document using an offset process common at that time. 2. The typewritten text added to the form is consistent with the type faces used on typewriters at that time in the US. 3. The ink stamps as well are consistent with the state of the art in such office equipment. 4. The signatures also appear to be consistent with the pens and general cursive writing styles in use at that time, and the addition of Ann Dunham's given first name Stanley in parentheses is especially compelling. F. It is my reasoned opinion based on this information that there is no reason to doubt the legal validity and legitimacy of either document.

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REASON II: THE IMPROBABILITY AND IMPLAUSIBILITY OF THE BIRTHER SCENARIO A. This section is based on three tests of truth or falsity: 1. Possibility—the likelihood that a given scenario CAN happen 2. Plausibility—the sequence of events, actions or conditions necessary to enable a given scenario to occur 3. Probability—the reasonable, logical and normal likelihood a given scenario will actually happen. Illustration: It is entirely possible, that I could be struck simultaneously by a meteorite, a gunshot and a lightening bolt as I sit here and write. I say possible, because in a very broad, general sense, anything is possible. However, is there a plausible sequence of events that could lead up to that scenario? Not really. I find it difficult to construct any sequence of events, actions or conditions that would make it PROBABLE that I would experience such an event. 4. Now let's apply this mode of reasoning to the events, actions and conditions necessary for the Birther Scenario to be true. B. For the Birther contention that the President is NOT an American Citizen to be true, it would seem necessary that the following scenario would have to take place: 1. There was a conspiracy in place BEFORE the conception of Barack Hussein Obama II to groom him to be the ultimate Manchurian Candidate for President of the United States of America. 2. This would require that the conspirators (whoever they are) to a. Chose an unknown white woman to be his mother b. Chose an unknown African man to be his father 3. The conspirators would have to arrange for: a. The mother, the grandmother and the father to be in Kenya at the time of young Barack's birth—although no trip is recorded or known of. b. The birth announcement to be placed in the Honolulu newspapers—in days before the Internet provided instant worldwide communications. c. The mother, grandmother and new born infant to be transported back to Honolulu in time for people to see him there in the nursery. d. Bribing, intimidating or otherwise obtaining the cooperation of the attending physician and the local registrar, Vick Lee. 4. Finally the conspirators would have to arrange to keep all this quiet for 40 plus years and also give Barack the grooming required for him to be their Manchurian Candidate. C. Let us now apply Ockam's Razor which states--"Do not multiply entities beyond necessity." Also stated, "The simplest explanation for any given phenomena is generally best explanation."--along with the tests of possibility, plausibility and probability to the Birther Scenario. 1. Is the Birther Scenario possible? Yes. 2. Is the Birther Scenario plausible? No 3. Is the Birther Scenario simpler than the official scenario? No. 4. Based on what we have discussed is the Birther Scenario probable? No. D. Therefore is logical to reject the Birther Scenario as reflecting the truth about Barack Hussein Obama II' s eligibility to hold the office of President of the United States of America.

CONCLUSION: I do not pretend that this is an exhaustive treatment or refutation of the Birther Scenario. All I have done is apply reason and logic to a myth that has many in its thrall. My hope is that a little reason will have gone a long way in helping folks with this, but that is not my expectation. I say this because it seems to me that Birtherism is less about reason and more about belief in search of reasons to believe—rationalizations to believe and promote a myth, if you will. Therefore I consider that it is unusually resistant to logic or reason. Hopefully this will help and encourage those who want such help or encouragement.