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I don't know why our City counsel men and women are in office other than for there own gain. I don't think they are concerned about the average person paying taxes. You can be sure there homes are NOT appraised so high that there tax's will go up much. That's how they get us. They say there not raising tax's by much, but when they do the yearly Property Appraisals. they list the homes value more then they should, to make up for the short fall on Tax's. That's been happening all over Texas for the last 10 years. That's also the reason people are not buying homes anymore. It's not worth it. Our City and Gov't does not care if you can't afford to pay high tax's. They get there pay hikes, even when we don't! How? they vote themselves raises every year. How? they raise tax's. When will they get a hint. Tax payers can only pay what they earn. Tax's are going up so much faster than the average pay rates. No average tax payer can keep up. That's why people are losing there homes. They can afford the payment, But they can't keep up with the rising cost of TAX'S!!!!!!