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Anyone who knows me well enough can tell you that I am the biggest history buff (mostly ancient Egyptian, Roman, Greek, etc.). I DVR many History Channel programs and watch them while my fiance is at work. I'm sure he'd leave me out of sheer boredom if I forced him to watch them with me.

This week I've been researching the history of wine, expecting to write a blog about that, but the few people I ran this idea by gave me looks that I could only take to mean this would be bad.

So I won't put you through that. As much as I was fascinated by what I read, I understand that I am a "unique" person.

Instead, I will write about my love of vampire novels. Wait a second now before you roll your eyes and move away from the page. It's not everyone's cup of tea and I'll admit that not all of them are very well written, but a girl has got to have some whimsy in her life.

I've recently taken up Stephenie Meyer's Twilight saga, and while waiting on my "Breaking Dawn" book to arrive, I decided to find an old, familiar vampire diarist. Ann Rice.

I have read every Vampire Chronicles book with the exception of one: "Blood and Gold." My love of the author and series died out during my second year of college, not for any other reason than being so busy with textbooks to even look at reading as recreational.

I checked out the book from the Victoria Public Library and got to it, falling in love all over again with this wonderful writer.

The struggles I found Stephenie Meyer having in her transitions between present and past, characters telling stories of their lives and giving readers a complete picture are not present in this novel. Rice's words effortlessly flow off the page and opens up worlds in my mind that I had long forgotten.

That is not to say that I like Twilight any less. I think it is much more contemporary, maybe more relevant now, than Rice's series. Rice takes her readers through history as if you are living it (of course I LOVE that), while Meyer makes you feel as if you are Bella, feeling her feelings and identifying her life's journeys with your own.

Don't ask me why people love vampire novels and TV shows. I don't really have a real answer to the question. You might think it's a silly girl thing, but then again I'm a girl, I can afford to be silly sometimes. Additionally, if there was a little more romance in real life, maybe we wouldn't need vampire novels to keep it interesting. Think about that!