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The fourth issue of GC is on its way out the door, the content completed and design in its early stages. (Look for it in the paper and on racks Jan. 26.)

Today, however, I begin working toward the March issue, seeking out a couple of columnists, taking nominations for Top 5 doctors, and looking for volunteers to grace our pages this spring.

I say "volunteers" because, in this issue, one feature stands out in particular to me that will be fun, but maybe a little challenging for our subject. March's fashion section will showcase a beauty makeover.

That seems harmless enough, but how do you ask someone if you can do a makeover on them? "Hi, I am a reporter. I think you could really use an updated hairstyle and some makeup tips. Can I take some before and after shots, documenting this transformation?"

So, for the sake of not sounding pretentious, I am offering a lucky woman out there the opportunity for a free haircut, possibly color, and an hour of pampering with someone who happens to be knowledgeable about makeup.

If you're interested, call me at 580-6538, or e-mail me at by Jan. 3.