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As I was trying to come up with what I wanted to blog about, I asked myself what I know the most about. Well, it turns out that I know a little about a lot of things - not very helpful in this situation. Then I started thinking about what I want to know more about.

During a couple of conversations with others in the newsroom who also have an affinity for it, I decided on wine.

No, I'm not a lush. I don't ever really drink except for an occasional bottle of wine.

I visited a winery a few years ago and was fascinated with the whole process - and very much enjoyed the sampling portion of our tour. Afterward, I felt a little more comfortable choosing the kinds I like.

I could hardly tell you, though, which wines go with what food or how some wines can have a hint of berry or vanilla.

I realize that blogging only about my quest to become a wine connoisseur might get a little tiresome, so I'll try to keep a diverse array of my life's stories in the mix to keep you interested.