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Whew! The second issue is finally out there for all to see. Looking at it reminds me of the hard work, awesome interviews and eventual hang ups we encountered on the second leg of the GC journey.

As I'm saying this, I've already begun writing the January/February issue, with the November/December issue in production. Needless to say, my mind is several miles ahead. But before I get too far, I'd like to reflect back on what we call the Bum Phillips edition and thank all those who participated.

Not only did I meet some really cool people through all my interviews, but we required so much more effort from others in the newsroom this time.

Our photo editor, Frank Tilley, had to go out to Goliad to shoot the cover two different times, in the scalding heat. He also set up a fashion shoot in our studio to get the awesome scarf photos. In the midst of all this he was low on staff, so we were stretching him pretty thin. What a trooper!

Our multi-talented multimedia department's Julie Zavala did some wonderful renderings of scarf tying, teaching our readers some pretty neat tricks. She helped out with the photos and styling, which freed me up to do other things.

Our creative director, Ryan Huddle (who refuses to take any of the glory for this wonderful collaboration we call GC), was working under a lot of pressure after a mishap with deadlines. He hung in there with us and put out an incredible product.

Thanks to all of their help and support, I am still alive and breathing. No heart attack here and I can't wait to see what we can do next time!