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Let's face it, nothing works out the way you plan them, which can be a major disappointment, especially if you're like me and you have to plan EVERYTHING. I like for things to fit in neat little boxes, that I've constructed, and can get very nervous if things start to spill out all over the place.

Since I can remember, when my mother sees that crazy coming out of me, she starts singing the Rolling Stones, reminding me of those hard-learned life lessons.

Now after nearly 27 years, however, I'm figuring out that sometimes things or situations can be enriched by the unexpected tolls taken on them by life and other happenstances. You grow and learn to adapt to whatever it throws at you.

For instance, wedding planning. Now, no amount of planning in the world can make it absolutely perfect, but that doesn't stop you from trying and being disappointed when things don't work out the way you want.

With each passing week leading up to the big day - Nov. 26 - we realize we have to cut our budget again. The car's valve cover needed to be replaced (costing $500); hospital bills mounted to something like $1,800. You know, life happened.

We've had to change so many of our original plans, this does not resemble the wedding we (or should I say I) had hoped for. But you pick up and move on, taking what you can get, trying not to lament too much for what was lost.

Now that we're 38 days away and all the decorations and such are coming together, that excitement is returning and new hopes and dreams are being formulated for the event. So what if we can only serve hors d'oeuvres in our backyard to a handful of guests. It will be fun and beautiful and perfectly fitting our personality.

Besides, it's really about celebrating the two of us and preparing for the life ahead of us, like planning our nightly menu for the next month, figuring out exactly when we will start trying for children, how much we need to have in savings five years from now and where we will retire at approximately 65.7 years old.

Whew, I have a lot to get started on!