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The wedding and holidays are over. I'm wrapping up GC's January issue. And there doesn't seem to be much on the immediate horizon to plan for or be excited about. So, it's understandable that it feels like I'm waiting for something to happen.

Maybe I'm just in desperate need of creative sustenance. I bought a "teach yourself to knit" kit, but have yet to feel the urge to pick it up. My 365 project (taking one photo a day for a year) is growing stale. To top it all off, I can barely even write a creative Facebook status update.

What is happening?! In college, creativity burst out of me. Now it kinda fizzles out before the thought can leave my brain - which is not good when your career depends on imagination and innovation. There's no passion felt for any of the things I love to do anymore.

Help! I need advice, ideas, whatever you got, to jumpstart my brain.