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The Internet has struck again!

If you've been surfing Facebook the last few days, you know we are all hurtling toward the biggest crisis of our lives - our zodiac signs have changed. The stars have realigned and now we have a 13th sign with a name we cannot pronounce, according to Parke Kunkle, an astronomer quoted in the Minnesota Star Tribune.

This news sent a wildfire throughout the Internet community, causing a panic in some cases among those who have long identified with their sign. Facebook statuses have cropped up denouncing these "theories" the zodiac has changed and asking how dare they take away the one constant thing in our lives. Others have merely laughed it off, suggesting the pseudo-science of astrology is a joke anyhow (we all know that deep down, you were freaking out, too, wondering how your Sag tattoo will look now that you're a Scorpio. It's OK, I won't tell).

But stop the press! And the tattoo-removal process.

We are not changing the 3,000-year-old astrology chart just yet. For those 31 percent of Americans who believe in astrology (Minnesota Star Tribune), you are safe, for now, as the Western world works off the tropical zodiac based on seasonal equinoxes rather than the alignment of the stars.

Now for those of you who didn't want to know that much about what you consider to be hocus pocus, you should have stopped reading after the title.