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Some of you may have at one time or another felt the urge to write a blog.

The gift of the first amendment is at your fingertips and you want to use it!

But you want your words to reach people. You want your blog to mean something. So how do you go from blog newbie to pro blogger?

First, set up a blog.

If you don't have an account for, now would be a good time. Not only will this allow you to create a blog and cover as many subjects as your heart desires, but it will also give you the ability to comment on other blogs and engage in lively conversation with members of your community.

In the top right-hand corner of the site, select Sign Up.


Fill out the information. Make sure to pick a screen name that tells something about you. It can be your name, where you're from or a special interest you have. This will be your identification on the site from now on so give it some thought.

The next step is to create a blog. In the same top right-hand corner, select Create a Blog.


Here comes the fun part. What do you call it?

When it came time to name my blog I felt like this.


I began to think about what I wanted people to know by reading my blog name. Think about what you want to cover--your main topic. If you don't have a specific topic, think about what you want to convey to readers. Is your blog going to be humorous or serious? Do you want to share knowledge with readers by writing how-to blogs or do you want to voice your opinion on things?

If you want readers to remember your blog name, pick something short and catchy.

Image Don't you wish this was a real thing?

Once you've chosen a name. You're ready to start producing. Congratulations, you are officially part of the blogging world. Now there is only one question left.


For questions, comments and more help setting up blogs please contact me by email at or by phone at 361-580-3611.