Blogs » Technology Is Your Friend » Have you checked your "Other" Facebook messages?


Facebook is a great way to connect with people from the past, people you just met or people you are interested in getting to know.

Sometimes you might just be looking to find out more information about a local organization and you Facebook message the groups listed president or social chair.

As journalist, we sometimes use Facebook as a way to connect with sources. If you don't have a phone number or email address, we can try sending you a Facebook message.


But you don't always hear back and you're left wondering why.

Are they just really busy and haven't gotten to it? Do they not care to respond? Did they take so long to respond that now they feel it would be weird to? Did you creep them out? Did Facebook not send your message?

Or was sent to their "other" Facebook messages so they haven't seen it.

Yes, if you haven't seen it yet, there is a section under messages for messages from people who aren't your friends.


I had missed a lot of things. Messages from readers thanking us on coverage. Messages from old friends. A lot of spam, yes. But some messages were really touching and I'm sorry I missed them.

I debated answering people. Some messages were from 2008.

I'm idealistic about the internet. I feel that social media gives us the opportunity to connect more with more people. I don't think these connections are lessened. This may be because I'm a sharer and writer by nature. It's probably best that I write you a really long email than stand awkwardly in front of you for 30 minutes and never managed to spit out what I'm trying to say.

But finding this made wonder what other things were being lost in the abyss of the Internet.

Some people will be quick to call for Facebook's end because this is another thing we're not pleased about. But it's a learning experience for developers just as using Facebook is a learning experience for us. In my opinion it would be unrealistic to expect a platform to give me something so great without it costing me anything.

Facebook is free, and according to Mark it will always be free. But that doesn't mean you don't have to think about how it works and play around with it a bit to really reap all of it's benefits.

Time and time again I hear people say they don't use a certain website or social media platform because it isn't easy and they don't have the time to sit and figure it out. Well then don't expect any of the benefits.

I'm not saying Facebook is this social media king because it isn't. We don't know what will happen to it next year or in five years or 10. But right now it is the best way for me to talk to my family members living in other countries. It's a search engine when Google doesn't have exactly what I am looking for. It's a tool for finding entertainment and sharing content.

It's not perfect. But neither are the developers that built it and neither am I and neither are you. So I hope this point of Facebook other messages not being the best set up helps developers understand how users are looking at the product they created. And I hope this helps some Facebook users get the most out of their experience.