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I'm not good at emotional good-byes. I'm pretty good at running and hugging someone dramatically while on the beach though so if you want to do that before tomorrow night, let me know.

I'll be leaving Victoria tomorrow to drive to Riverside, California where I will be starting a new job. It's still pretty surreal but I'm very excited to have been recruited for another position in this industry I'm currently having a love affair with.

This newsroom was my first out of college and I don't think another one will ever compare. It was kinda like my visit to the optometrist today. The first time I walked in, everything looked new and exciting. There was a lot of learning. A lot of awkward times. Some hard times. Boring times. But ultimately, it was good, productive and left me feeling incredibly appreciative of the time I spent there.

So without dragging this on too much, thank you Victoria and thank you Victoria Advocate. I know you guys are just going to keep getting better. See you on the Twitters.