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You can throw out that apple, teacher’s pet.

A spotlight recognition in the Sunday paper just might make an educator’s day instead.

Students and parents, do you know an instructor who’s gone beyond his or her duties to make a difference? Anyone know of a student who’s done the same?

We know they’re out there, but we need your help to find these deserving people.

We’re asking you all, (teachers, principals, parents, students, custodial workers etc.) to scrounge your hallways for teachers and students who’ve gone beyond their calling to spotlight on our Sunday education page. Our goal is to have a Top Teacher and Star Student print every week.

Email us why, in 75 words or less, we should recognize your teacher or student, include some basic information and a photo and the nominees will be featured in print and online.

For Top Teacher of the Week, please include: -Name - Subject taught
- School and school district - A recent picture of the teacher Answer each question for each nominee in 75 words or less: 1. Why do you feel this teacher deserves to be the Advocate’s Top Teacher of the Week?
2. What types of qualities make him/her stand out? 3. What’s his/her secret to being a successful teacher?

For the Star Student of the Week please include: -Age -Grade -Town of residence -School attending -Names of parents -A recent photo Answer each question for each nominee in 75 words or less: 1. Why do you think this student should be the Advocate’s Star Student of the Week? 2. What are some of the student’s hobbies? 3. What is something interesting about this student that sets them apart from everyone else?

You can email the information to me at, or if you have question drop me a line.