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Expendables 2 was an awesome movie!!!!! But really, were there any doubts?? Not from me. This movie just made me an even bigger Sly fan. I'm a fan of the entire cast! This movie wastes no time. The action starts right away, and the action is so well thought out and so creative. The dialog is of few words, but there are some amazing lines. This movie had me laughing. It was so much fun to see this band of action stars together in one movie.


So if you haven't seen it already, and you're as big an action fan as I am, then this is definitely a go see movie. I tell you though it is not for the faint of heart. When the shooting starts it hardly doesn't stop and they don't miss. When the knives fly, they don't miss either. The damage is undending and without mercy. I loved every minute of it!

Expendables 2, gotta see it! ......then I gotta buy it lol. Have fun at the movies! And blog us all about it!