It's not what you think!

This weekend the Garcia Girls chekced out a new scary movie called Possesion. I loved it! It had an awesome story to tell and it had suspense, creepy creepy moments and of course an exorcism. My favorite moment.. the MRI scene.. that messed me up pretty good..sorry docs, for now just x-rays for me :p I enjoyed the movie.. a definite must see for anyone into scary movies. No you wont have blood thrown at you or guts and brains exposed, just raw meat..yep raw meat.. and if you want to know what I mean you have to go see it! There were some previews set up for some more scary movies..such as PA4 (ehh) and House at the end of the Street (seems pretty good). Hopefully good shows to see to get into the Halloween spirit!

So what's better than seeing Avengers? Seeing it for the 4th time!! Yes that's right yours truely went to enjoy Avengers for a fourth time and it was better than the first. I love the fact that they brought it back for a summer re-show! It is still in El Campo if anyone hasn't seen it yet..and I highly recommend that you do! Even if it comes out soon on is not the same as seing it on the big screen! Love it Love it Love it Love it! (4x)

For those looking for a renter- I suggest "Shooter" starring Mark Wahlberg. This is a nice suspense movie with some cool "no way" situations. So, go rent it and enjoy.