This week and weekend we checked out some pretty awesome movies..RIPD and 2 Guns. I did enjoy both and of course I have summaries :)


Okay, when I first saw this preview I thought renters...the it started to grow on me so I decided to go watch it. I have to say I enjoyed it. It was funny and it had a good story to follow. I do hope this movie opens some eyes to what the families of officers go through. As we all know the main character passes away, and he does leave behind a wife. Some cops leave behind kids, parents, brothers and sisters...and although they choose this job, they choose this line of work, it does not make loosing a loved one any easier. The raid scene was kind of intense, although you think this is just a movie, real cops do real raids that have real bad guys with real guns. So do check out this movie for some laughs, but keep in mind there is some.truth to what they are saying.

2 Guns

Fair warning this movie has some violence and a chest shot of a female, but aside from all that this is a good movie. This movie had me laughing the whole time and started from the beginning. And yes, I have a quote: "did you just wink at him" "yes I just winked at him..." I'm not gonna finish cause you have to see this movie! And also, Edward James Olmos ...oh yeah Mr. Escalante is back as Papi .. and he hasn't lost his touch. I have to say if I get a chance I definitly would be willing to go see this movie again!

As for the sneak peaks, I have to say I will not be viewing Gravity with Jodie Foster. No offense to the movie, I'm just not going to be able to handle it. I'm dropping Riddick to a renters status only because I'm not a fan of the Riddick series. You're Next is too gory for me, but I know some people who will watch it. My next anticipated watch..RIDE ALONG with Ice Cube..hells yeah! I have to confess that I have been on one ride along (i don't know if i can.say which PD) but that was one of the most fun days there. I think it would be great to do another right before I go to see this movie. That would be so cool...we could do a ride along during the day and check out the movie treat! I doubt this can happen since I'm considered a "civilian", but it would be so much fun!

Like I said, the cops win this weekend! Next time hope to see yall at the movies! And when you do see me you can say hi, I would like to hear your opinion too.

So let's do some renter suggestions: keeping with the theme of the week let's try Dragnet, an oldie but a goodie... End of Watch, a lil violent but a tear jerker, and National Security, because you have to know why its funny to quote "yo tiengo gato in mis pantelones"

Oh, and happy birthday to my sis!