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Well I hate to say this but I was disappointed in the new Disney movie Planes. Now I know this is a kids movie, but not even the nephew got into it. Since Disney used the theme from Cars to carry this movie I was expecting the same humor and awesome story... Planes did not carry through. All I can say is at least the popcorn was good :)

Well this week I am looking forward to seeing The Conjuring.. I love a good scary movie. And I am happy to say that here in EC there will be a second run of Dispicable Me 2...I will have to see that one again. That should be a good make up for the nephew...he loved that movie.

So lets look at some renters.. How bout Wall E .. It has a good educational story and its just cute. And my all time favorite Disney movie.. The Little Mermaid.. I love that movie. Those two should replace your faith in Disney.

Thanks again for reading! Shout out to Mr. Jerry Saucedo for reading, and high fives to all our other readers! I hope to see y'all at the movies!