We truthfully I was logging in wrong, but I figured I would use that title to start off my most recent expierences at the movies. You guessed it, Disney's Frozen. I have to give Disney two thumbs up for having a great come back after the whole Planes let down. This movie was great, even for the adults. This is a traditional Disney movie that is introducing some new princesses and a wonderful story. All in all I highly recommend this movie for all ages and yes we went to see it TWICE!

Second up is Madea Christmas. Now I tell you I am going to have to go watch this movie again just because people were laughing so hard it was hard to hear the rest of the movie. This is a classic Madea movie with all the humor as before. I really recommend this movie for a good laugh and some fun times!

On our list of movies to come is of course The Hobbit, I love the J.R. Tolken series, and Saving Mr. Banks, love Tom Hanks and Ms Emma.

Now it's time for some good Christmas Renters: of course It's a Wonderful Life, All I Want for Christmas (old 1990's version), Scrooged, and well the list can go on and on.. hey what's your favorite Christmas movie?

well talk at ya'll laters and see ya'll at the movies!!!