No its not Christmas time, but dern near close enough! Our holiday was spent checking out the movies and boy was it great. Heres what's been out:

Despicable Me 2:

I loved this movie, it was great. What's funny is that those little yellow guys aren't speaking any form of English yet we totally understand what they are saying! They really steal the show. It was a great show, I loved it pand well it is definitly worth a second trip to see.

The Lone Ranger:

This one is funny and well what else would you expect from Johnny Depp. I have to admit that I do not know the other actor and it was comical to hear someone state that the only major actor was all in all this movie has some big shoes to fill since it was a very popular tv series back in the day, but so far my sources tell me its good. Its on my to do list.

Grown UPS 2:

This one for me is a renters. Although all four men are quite humorous, its kind of a crude humor that I would prolly have on the tv while I do something else. I have seen the first one and it wasn't too impressive, it was comical, but none the less a renter.

Coming up:

The Conjuring looks like it is going to be fantastically scary! Oh a must see! I am also looking forward to the next Hobbit, the fabulous female comedian team in Heat, and yes, even Pacific Rim.

Well I hope you are all keeping cool by chilling at the movies! And yes I did see yall at the theatre and if that line at Showplace 3 had not been in the sun cause it was sooo long, I would have stopped for pics and words. Next time around!

Some good renters: A League of Their Own ... Cause we all want to hear Tom Hanks yell "there's no crying in baseball"

C yall at the movies!