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There is just something about the words, "Base on a True Story". Isn't there? The Conjuring, due out next week July 19th, is one of those movies. Said to be based on true events, The Conjuring is a story about a house handed down for generations of distant relatives since the days of Plymouth Rock. The house has been home to some horrific and tragic events. The trauma of those events manifested as, what the movie depicts to be, one the most real and severe hauntings in history. I am very much looking forward to watching this movie. I have always had an interest in the supernatural. This movie has tickled my interest. I do hope it does not prove to be disappointing. I was watching some trailers for the movie, and I am hoping that we haven't seen the best parts of the movie in those trailers as it tends to turn out.

In the movie, the family that moves into the house experiences different events. They begin with mild happenings, doors openeing and closing on their own, and they soon escalate to much more. There are children involved in the story, which adds more to the creepy factor. The family enlists the help of a paranormal research group to come out to the house. When they do, the members of the team get more than the expected.

I am definitely showing up to watch this one. I don't think this movie will prove to be disappointing, but we will see.