Well these past weeks have been kind of quiet ... well for movies. Here's my take and to do list :)


This is a cute cartoon, with some funny funny ha ha moments, but a real kids show. The kids loved it and, well, what else do you want. It's cute and a lil entertaining..and it has a good lesson to the story. It's worth it if you have kids.


LOL, so I haven't seen this one yet, waiting for the weekend, but it looks funny and action at the same time...what more can you ask for. Once I see it I cam give a better review!

No I still haven't seen some of the others, but there are more on my to do list and well I can't wait. I am looking forward to taking the nephew to see planes :) and yes he is collecting the cups! Not too into Smurffs..idk just couldn't get into the movie the first time and I'm not feeling the second one either. Definitly a renters.

Now for some blasts from the past that I recommend to sit back and chill with... First one, Clue...not Clueless, Clue..search and watch, its good. Another is Speed, lots of suspense and sand some action.

Hope yall enjoy and a big ol hi to Deacon Joe and thanks for reading! Thank you to all for reading!

C yall at the movies!