Like I said previously, Superman has been done over and over, yet this new one drew in both new fans and the old ones. What I liked most about this one is that there is a story. yes it is an action film, but there is a story line that you have to follow, made it more interesting. I do remember the original Superman and yes it is a classic. However, I think "Man of Steel" is going to waken up a whole new generation of movie goers. Just as with the new "Dark Night" series, oh but maybe thats because its coming from the same great minds. Either way I enjoyed this movie. Definitly a "buyer" and almost a "go see again if you can".

Well coming up this week is a sneak peak of "World War Z".. I am not a zombie fan, I do not like zombie apocalysp..however I will try to brave my way through. TRY being the key word, no guarantees on this one :s

I will say that I am looking forward to the new Hobbit coming out in Dec 2013.. gotta make it to that one.

Well movie finatics, I hope ya'll check out "Man of Steel" it is worth it.