Yep I got up the nerve to go see this movie. I do not like anything with zombies, like since I was a kid I could not do zombie movies; so this was a big move for me. However, when I saw the grandma go in I was like okay you gotta man up and go in.

I do have to say that this movie was really had the action, huge suspense and some comedy. It starts right off the bat waiting. In fact when I saw the first zombie I was shocked...and you have to pay attention to catch him among the people. I will say that this movie brings new meaning to a version of running with the bulls and I will once again state my commitment to never fly. I also have a new respect for the whole "silence is golden" .

Another plus is that this movie isn't a whole bunch of gore and guts .. however the airport set was well thought out...and the lift off scene wasn't as long as FF6.

Also, if you have a loved one who works in the same field as Gerry (the main character) when he cancels the call don't keep calling! Seriously!

Well I had fun at this sneak peak as always. Thanks again Showplace 3! And do go check this movie out...if I can handle the zombies so can you.

Coming attractions on my list: white house down and heat

Some good renters: Snitch..check it out and if you like that get End of Watch

Flashback- Steel Magnolias