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Well, June is almost over, and there have been quite a few good movies to catch in the theaters. The Garcia Girls caught one together, and the others my sister flew solo.

Together, the Garcia Girls went to see the Fast and the Furious 6. It was good. I enjoyed the laughs and the action. Yes, that was the longest air strip in creation. It actually had a thought out plot with twists and turns (no pun intended). I wasn't surprised after the credits. However, seriously, how far are they going to run with this? If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I believe that. However, do we really want to go watch geriatric actors reving up their motorized scooters? I like the Fast and Furious movies, but it's going to take some very good writing and some very good stunt coordinating to keep these movies drawing in an audience. But then, when have fast, cool cars, barely dressed women, and some pretty amazing looking guys ever failed to draw a crowd??

Just released are World War Z, which my sis went to see solo because, well, I don't do zombie movies, and Monster University, which should be a good one for the little ones to go watch.

Yet to come are:

The Heat starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy as FBI agents taking on partners for the first time, each other, to take down a big drug lord. It should prove to be absolutely funny seeing as the man behind the film is Paul Feig, who brought us Bridesmaids.

White House Down starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx. Foxx plays the President of the United States who is, once again, in trouble and it is Tatum to the rescue. It is similar to Olympus Has Fallen. You be the judge.

Be sure to check back for what to look forward to in July. Have fun at the movies!