As expected, a great movie. All I'm gonna say is Loki wil keep you on your toes!! This movie has followed its prediseters in regards to story line, action, and comedic level. For those of you who haven't seen the first Thor, no worries all you need to know is that Thor left Jennie on Earth. Everything else is a new story line which is pretty cool. It was well worth the sneak peak and close to deserving a second viewing.

Also, I tested the Run Pee app, and it was right on. Now I didn't actually leave to pee, I wanted to see if the description of what you would miss was accurate and yes it was. If you don't have this app yet I suggest you check it out so you can see what other surprises are in the movie.

Previews of upcoming movies include the next Hunger Games (again not my cup of tea but curiosity calls...also I ask parents to use the movie Fone app to get the rating for this movie and why) and the new Captain America (eek) and the Delivery Plan. Others show that are releasing soon are Captain Phillips (yea), Bad Grandpa ( um no), Last Vegas (yea), and Free Birds (seems cute). Things are finally looking up at the theatre.

Well like I said I highly recommend Thor, and I hope you get to enjoy Diet Dr. Pepper with your popcorn ;p when you go!

Some rental suggestions "Scavenger Hunt" and "Midnight Madness"

C u at the movies!!