Fair warning..if you like to being scared, do not read this!! I repeat, DO NOT read this blog.

Every time I go to see a scary movie I have people ask me "how can you watch that?" They insist that they get too scared. I don't get scared by these movies; maybe a little creeped or grossed out, but not scared. Why? There are secrets to watching scary movies.

  1. Suspense

The main reason you are scared is because of the suspense. Always tell yourself that there is something that is about to happen. You are scared because you are not prepared. For example in the recent World War Z there is a scene when they are in the apartment; and it's dark. They are trying to find refuge and you don't know what is around the corner. You need to tell yourself that at any moment a zombie is going to pop out, and wait for it to happen. As long as you know and are waiting for it, you are no longer in suspense.

  1. Reflections/Close-ups

Anytime there is a scene where you have a mirror, you can almost bet that the camera will turn from the mirror and when it comes back "BOO" something will be in the reflection. The same goes for a close-up of one of the characters, you should expect something to pop up behind the actor when the camera zooms back out. I think the best use of this technique was in the original "Halloween". The scene where Mike is in the house, and you don't know he is there. The room is all black and then lightning flashes from outside and you see him in the back ground. A good scare! Just remember that whether it is the mirror, a close up or lightning, something is going to pop up so be prepared.

  1. She is going to fall

Every movie has the girl running in the dark and she falls. Just tell yourself "She is going to fall". Don't let it surprise you, don't think if you run in your seat that she will run faster; just let yourself accept the fact that she is going to fall. Once you allow yourself to accept that she will fall, you will not be scared when she does.

  1. It is only a movie

The main problem with scary movies is that people get too involved in the movie. When scenes feel like they are too intense always try to tell yourself that this is only a movie. For example, when "Resident Evil" came out we watched the "Making of" part before we watched the movie. Why? It helps to see that they are just people acting, and when you get to certain scenes you remember how they made that scene and that makes the scene a less intense, suspense filled moment you are watching. It is only a movie.

Well I hope this helps out with your ability to watch scary movies. Right now I'm not too into the new movies out. I am looking forward to watching Captain Phillips. If you don't know about the real Captain Phillips I highly recommend that you read up on it and then catch this movie. Prisoners looks intriguing, but not a must. I hope ya'll enjoyed, and remember, see ya'll at the movies.

Some rental suggestions for a good scare: 28 Days, the original Halloween, or Poltergeist. For the kids: Halloween Town, Charlie Brown Halloween, and Twitches.