Good day movie goers!! Let us take a look at what we have going on at the box office and see what we can do for some fun!

So this weekend I went to check out The Other Women. Truth be told I almost didn't go because I really don't like to go to movies by myself, but I really wanted to see this movie. Luckily I ran into a friend, Ms. Joni, so it turned into good times with tons of laughs! That's right, this movie is hilarious!! There were scenes where I did the whole "no sound - clapping my hands - face beet red" from laughter. I do recommend this movie for some good laughs and even some girl power bonding. Hey, but there were quite a few guys watching...hopefully learning what not to do.

Also out this weekend is Draft Day. Now I have not seen this movie yet, but I do mean yet. This movie just kind of pulls me in as a very interesting movie and I am interested to see how it turns out. Bad side.. most of my female friends will not be intersted in this movie soooo here we go again hoping to run into people I know again so that way I am not always rehearsing the part of the lone ranger.

For the future I am looking forward to the upcoming Spiderman 2 (hopefully I can make the sneak peak... but we all know what happened the last time) Godzilla, and although it may be some time.. Transformers!

Okays people well I have got to run--too bad its not to a movie. Hope ya'll enjoy these shows!

ohhh before I forget.. some renters: Evan Almighty.. believe it or not I just recently saw this for the first time. It had some good ha ha moments.

Enjoy -- and see ya'll at the movies!!