Well summer is literally around the corner and its a great time to enjoy the box office. In fact, I kinda miss going to the summer specials...not cause I am an adult but because I usually work :') however I may have to take some time off to take the nephew. In case you are lost, what I am referring to are the summer shows our local theater does. They are called the $1 kid shows and well yes it costs one dollar to get in. There are quite a variety of shows this summer, you can check them out at www.showplace3cinema.com

Now for new releases, as stated I am looking forward to Malicifant and the new Transformers. Until then I shall be checking out some rentals. Here is something fun...lets take a look at one story and how it has been revamped. Sense and Sensibilty...who can name the other movies that were made with the same story??

See yall at the movies!!