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"The President and his rejection of the Keystone pipeline."

This has to be one of the worst mistakes President Obama has made. He has fallen to the hands of environmental groups, he has "KILLED" opportunities for Americans to have jobs, good paying jobs mind you. Although these jobs maybe temporary, two, three four or five years who knows in order to build this pipeline. Killed opportunities for small towns that other wise could have had economic growth, killed economic growth in families and individuals. This is a dang shame, and this President says he is for the middle class? Totally BS!!

Some have said it would have created thousand jobs or even 20 thousand jobs, regardless it has a snowball affect, from the builders of equipment to resturants, stores, the affect is endless.What is it with this President, has he gone nut's or what? This is not about oil, it is about "JOBS!!!"

The President say's oil production is up here in the U.S., well that is a crock of crap, we still have fuel prices over $3 bucks a gallon.

This President is out of control, the EPA is out of control and Americans are suffering beause of the stupity that is going on in the white House!!