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On or about February 00, 2012 an investigation was started to determine if a scheme or fraud was committed by the White House and the minority leader of the Democratic side of the House of Representatives.

On February 00, 2012 the Republican leader on the House oversight committee was conducting hearings on religious issues regarding contraceptives that was embedded in the Healthcare law.

The Democratic sides made an attempt to have Sandra Fluke, Age: 30, Occupation: Activist, College: Graduate of Cornell University and student at Georgetown University. She was asked to give testimony on contraceptive issues, she was denied by the chair, because she had no experience on religious issues.

On February 00, 2012, the minority leader may have received a conveyance of communications from the White House in order to have Sandra Fluke’s testimony to be heard in order to divert attention away from religious issues regarding contraceptives, and change the issue to, all about women’s health. The minority leader brought Democrat’s together to form a committee so that Fluke’s testimony could be heard.

Questions have been asked, as to why Sandra Fluke would even give testimony. Who contacted Fluke, those questions go unanswered? So is there a conspiracy? Yes, there is a conspiracy based on the minority leaders action to form a committee only to hear Sandra Fluke’s testimony.