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This past week I had a visit with my mother in Oklahoma, her health is not good at this time she is 88 years young. She and I had conversation about politics’, which we never do mainly because she’s a democrat so our opinions are certainly different. She is a very well educated woman, and a graduate of TWU (Texas Woman’s University) or back in her day it was called TSCW (Texas State College for Women). She is an intelligent woman with a great wealth of knowledge, “to me she is like a walking history book.”

She, ask me what I thought of this president, well I responded, I do not care for this individual or his policies. I had alluded to a comment the president made about OPEC that they were holding us hostage to high oil prices, but I went a little further, and said I think the president is holding the American people hostage to his green energy policies and has closed the door on making any attempt to lower gas prices, and also that the average American cannot afford his energy policies.

So I ask her what she thought of this president. She replied he is a bad man, and that he was not a democrat. I don’t know what he is or what party he belongs to, but he is not part of the democrat party.

She went on to ask me about the voter id in Texas, well I don’t have a problem with it after all our government has forced to have id to be able to move freely and conduct business on a daily basis, so I didn’t see a problem. She went on to tell me a story about something that had occurred in 1946, it was the Battle of Athens Tennessee. I have never heard this story before, but she said it was about corruption of elected officials and voter fraud that had taken over the town and county government. Then a large number of WWII GI’s had banded together to stop the corruption so they took up arms against the establishment, and prevailed in the end because the Department of Justice failed to intervene after two or three years of complaints.

So I done some research on her story, and found it to be true. So our (AG) attorney general might need to take a look back at history.

Here is a video I found about the Battle of Athens Tennessee, August 1-2, 1946.