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After years of arguing and trying to debate liberals I have come to the conclusion you can’t win a point with these folks. They only go with what works, they do not entertain ideas, and they have the ole fall back (moral equality), but they’ll eat their own to make you or anyone else believe in their point. Liberals dismiss labels, but we live with labels every day. I started to research the why’s and why not’s of their thinking. I found it to be really interesting, and have read books I would not really under normal circumstances choose to entertain myself with, but however for the effort of gaining knowledge on how these folks do what they do best, I made sure I had a bottle of ant-acid tablets at my side. LOL!-but not really!

I’ll start with Obama… Obama and what his compatriots are really up to is a branding exercise. Just as admen try to convince dumb teenagers that their life will turn into a music video if they drink a certain beverage, progressives (liberals) are trying to suggest that we can all fill holes in our souls with a sense of accomplishment and community, greatness, even… by paying higher taxes for, more public-works projects, more generous entitlement checks, and faster passenger trains.

At the political level what Obama & Co are doing is simple bait and switch marketing. Citizens are told that if they empower Politicians and Bureaucrats with votes and tax dollars, they’ll get something magical in return: meaning. The problem with this is, it’s simply not true. The most alienated, deracinated, cynical people in modern human history are those people who outsourced the intellectual heavy lifting in life to the State, which in turn foisted the literal heavy lifting back to them. The people of the Soviet Union were all and all, a miserable lot. Public places weren’t hubs of civil society; they were places to defecate, steal, and exploit others. Whether in Moscow or for that matter, Chicago, the hallways of public housing projects are often a Hobbesian realm of devil take the hindmost.

Moreover, what they are talking about is not government but the State, and the two things are not the same. The government in the American tradition is for the most part a necessary evil. The State, in European, and specifically German historicist, tradition imported by progressives in the late nineteenth century is something different altogether. Under the Constitution the government is well defined institution charged with certain important but limited responsibilities. It delivers mail, protects the borders, levies taxes, fights wars, and so on. It plays an important role in our lives as well, and helps define what it means to be an American. But it is ultimately silent on what it means to be a human being. Part one of two