Blogs » The nature of things » Plastic bags go to war! The Navy sinks ships! Japanese seafood gets tested! It's all part of the environmental news roundup!



So, I personally love plastic bags, because they enable me to avoid buying garbage bags from the grocery store. It's one of my few frugalities in this material world. Then I started reading this article in this week's Rolling Stone. The picture alone makes me feel guilty, and it turns out plastic bags, I know, it's quite shocking, but they're bad for the environment. Really bad.

In other news, you may dimly remember that nuclear mess we were all mildly concerned about a few months back. If you don't maybe that magic phrase "Fukushima Daiichi" will ring some bells. All weak jokes aside (I'm not even sure there was a joke in there), Japan had the joy of going through a nuclear meltdown in the wake of a massive earthquake a few months back.

Now Japanese scientists are pushing their government to release more data on oceanic radiation and how even low levels of radiation might be impacting the seafood pulled from impacted waters. You can read more about it here.

Also, the Navy now has the OK to sink up to two ships a year in the Gulf of Alaska for target practice, despite the protests of environmentalists who say that even stripped down ships will be pollutants. Generally, it seems like it's better to prevent large man-made objects from sinking, but I guess it would be equally bad for the Navy to try to sink a boat and, you know, miss. Either way, the Anchorage Daily News has got the story right here. Though, a word to the wise, reading this filled me with visions of Eskimos and northern lights and I was almost overwhelmed with the urge to chuck it all and go to Alaska - and I'm having a good day. So read with caution.