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With all the hubbub going on down here about shale, it's easy to think we've got the only shale there is buried way down in these parts.

Well, if you've made that mistake, you've got another think coming. There's been another shale play discovered up in North Dakota, the Bakken Shale, and it's purported to be a huge find.

There's been excited talk about this play amongst industry-types for the past few months, but now that the drilling is up and going the Bakken is getting a little more scrutiny from the media.

Today the New York Times had a story about the North Dakota field.

As with the Eagle Ford, the shale produces both oil and natural gas. Natural gas is still selling so cheap that companies are burning more than 100 million cubic feet of the stuff in flare lights rather than spending money to collect the stuff along with the oil being pumped out of the ground.

NPR is also reporting on the new field, , noting how the new boom is wearing on North Dakota's infrastructure while simultaneously getting the attention of oil companies all over the country.

We've been seeing a ton of changes down in our neck of the woods, complete with traffic - actual traffic - and housing shortages that make newcomers eye apartments they would once have considered hovels with new-found respect and longing.

We've already been dealing with it for awhile down here. Maybe we should send North Dakota a card, or a nice fruit basket - some little gesture to welcome them to the club. It's the neighborly thing to do, after all.