Blogs » The nature of things » So flame retardant sandwiches are a thing?


Maybe it's just because I'm hungry, but it seems like there's a lot of chatter about the stuff in our food today.

The corn lobby worked hard to get high fructose corn syrup renamed "corn sugar" but the FDA was having none of that, according to an LA Times blog. Corn syrup will remain corn syrup, and the bid to make the name more benign hit the pool with a big ole belly flop.

Also, radiation believed to be from the Fukushima Daiichi meltdown has been found in some tuna, as was reported earlier this week. Tuna is also in the news after the World Trade Organization ruled that the "dolphin-safe" tuna labels in the U.S. industry discriminate against Mexican tuna. The president warned Mexico to back off of this issue today, reminding the Mexican government that they get a lot of aid from the U.S. and that he will ask that the amount of aid be reduced if the government keeps this up.

Also, the Huffington Post reports that a study of popular foods in Dallas found something unusual in said foods, like flame retardent chemicals. Yummy right?

And now, after all of this prattling about food, I'm going to go eat some myself. May the forks be with you (I can never find mine).