Blogs » The nature of things » 301 million trees killed in the drought


After a brutal drought that wreaked havoc on so much of the state last year,we've had enough rainfall in these parts that it seems it's about over, but we are still surveying the damages.

Months and months ago, reports said the long rainless months would change the face of the state, killing between 100 million and 500 million trees, and it turns out those reports were right - the Texas A&M Forest Service reports that 301 million trees were killed by one of the most crippling and brutal droughts on record in Texas.

Yeah, 301 MILLION trees. It's a staggering number, with South Texas losing 31.7 million of about 431 million trees in the region, according to the report. As the year dragged on and on and the rain we needed didn't come, I think we all knew things were bad, but it's startling to see the damage in sheer numbers.

On the upside, it's all a part of the cycle of life for the forests, according to a Houston Chronicle article. The dead trees will fall, giving new young trees the space to grow up in their place. So at least there's an upside.