How many people were watching Sunday night NBC Channel 17 at 9:53 pm and missed the end of the show? Everybody because The Victoria Television Group started the Community Crossroads a local show 10 minutes early. I wasn't able to switch to another station because where I live I cannot get cable and must rely on Satellite, and the Victoria Television Group has blocked me from getting prime time stations on my satellite and I also cannot pick up local channels without a converter box. But like most people I can only afford one converter box so therefore can only watch NBC, FOX and ABC in one room of my house. If the Victoria Television Group would allow me I could watch these channels on all of my TV's. Doesn't that previous sentence sound a little like "dictatorship"? I thought we were living in the United States of America which in my mind means "Freedom of Choice"! I know I am not the only family having this problem and I have written letters to the Television Group and also to the Victoria Advocate and the only response was from other people with the same problem. If we all gather together maybe we might be able to make our voices heard and get to make our own choices.