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Today's question of the day: How concerned are you about the protests in the Middle East?


Unrest in the Middle East affects the United States no matter what - we have diplomatic ties there, that is where we get most most of our oil and we have troops there.

But unrest in the Middle East directly aimed at the United States, well, that is even more unsettling. It means trouble. It means money spent. It means lives lost. And that is always a concern.

But, as someone I asked this morning said: "I'm concerned, but there is so much going on, I don't know what to be most concerned about." -Bennie Barfield, Goliad, retired

And I can see where his confusion is coming from. Just today, some of the major headlines have been:

University of Texas orders evacuation after bomb threat

Protests against film spread in Middle East

Six Chinese ships enter Japanese waters near disputed islands

UN health agency says Ebola virus death toll more than doubles to 31 in northeastern Congo

Other issues in the news recently:

-Israel and Palestine failed negotiations

-Iran working on nuclear capability; Israel threatens to bomb the facility

-North Korea continues to test long-range missiles

-Domestic shootings

-The streghth of the Euro struggles in Europe; debt bonds in Greece, Spain and Italy continue to be a primary concern

-Unemployment still high, economy struggles to pick up pace

What should we be most concerned about?

I don't have the answer.