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There is nothing like a good game of Twister to bring out the competitor in all of us.

My family used to play Twister when we got together for Christmas, and eventually had to stop because the game would get to violent – not kidding.

Example: the last time we played, my 70-year-old grandmother was playing with her three grown children and their spouses. My uncle tried to push down his mother to get into one of the red colors and she turned around and smacked him, hard. He promptly lost his footing, fell down on my aunt, who lost her balance and then knocked over my 4-year-old niece standing on the sidelines.

Amidst the crying and the finger pointing, Twister was banned from my family forever. I thought the Twister bloodshed was probably limited to my crazy family. After all, Twister is only a game, right?


I found out today at Victoria’s First Twister Competition (on an inflatable Twister mat) in the Victoria Mall that my family’s behavior was totally normal.

The five Victoria Advocate team members stood ready to compete against the two Office Depot team representatives; all seven competitors were making faces at each other, flexing their arm muscles and stretching their legs.

When the competition began, the professionalism ended. Friends and colleagues started calling each other out on the rules, invading each other’s space, using free arms and legs to shove at precariously placed feet and hands until only one winner prevailed – Andrew Mitchell, Advocate photographer.

The competition was all in good fun and helped raise money for Hunter Dollery, a 15-year-old trying to go to China with People to People Ambassador Programs.
But it affirmed what I already suspected – Twister is dangerously fun.

Check out the video or look at these pictures of the Victoria Advocate Twister Team :)




(Photos courtesy of Kat Duncan)