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I ended 2012 with a commitment to make changes in my life. I want to be more fiscally responsible. I want to run more. I want to eat healthier. Basically, I want to be a better person.

This commitment led me to make multiple New Year’s Resolutions (which I had never attempted before — ever).

  1. Run at least three times a week.

  2. Write down all my monetary transactions (so hopefully I will spend less).

  3. Eat out less and buy more groceries/cook (which should hopefully make me healthier and save money, two birds with one stone and all that).

So to organize this process, and hopefully maintain some accountability for my many New Year’s Resolutions, I have downloaded a plethora of apps to keep me on track.

The first app I downloaded is Mint. I highly recommend it, because it takes the tediousness of writing down all of your transactions and does it for you! You can sync your bank accounts and credit cards to the app and it will automatically tell you how much money you are spending in each category –groceries, gas, dining out, entertainment, utilities, etc. It will also alert you when you go over budget (which you can set personally or let it set for you based on your income).

The second app is called Bill Tracker Lite. This handy little app will alert you when all of your bills are due.

For my health, I downloaded Evernote Food, Lose It! and Nike+.

Evernote has a diver selection of healthy recipes and restaurants to choose from. You can also photograph meals and save them in your own cookbook, along with recipes. It is easy to customize.

Lose it! helps you keep up with what you are eating. I’m hoping inputting everything I eat during the day will keep me on track.

Nike+ aims to help you run and tracks your runs. It’s pretty cool. You can set run times and it will send you a push notification to remind you of your scheduled runs. You can also sync it with your running buddies who have the same app so you can stay accountable on your runs together.

I’m hoping the apps will help keep me responsible and that I will kick off and end 2013 in a healthy way :)

Happy New Year’s!