I am in the midst of taking over Golden Crescent magazine, and after having had a few conversations concerning the Top 5 feature in Golden Crescent magazine, it's become apparent that not all of us on the same page. So hopefully, I can clear the muddy waters.

The idea behind the Top 5 feature is to spotlight outstanding people, or organizations, in the Golden Crescent region. There is no ranking system to it, so no individual will be placed in a number one ranking and accordingly, no one in the number five ranking. Think of it as a "Best of..." style of story.

So, you, the readers have the power to nominate who you think is one of the Top 5 of… whatever category we are promoting for the upcoming issues. For the May/June issue, we have compiled the top 5 businessmen based on the submitted nominations via email or snail-mail. After the set deadlines, we – my editors and I – choose from the submissions, who or what organization, we will feature in that issue. We base this decision on the details of the nomination or the number of submissions. Our options vary between the numbers of nominations we get, so the more the public nominate, the more diverse our coverage may be. For example, for the March/April issue, the Top 5 Doctors generated nearly 90 nominations, and the GC team had to dwindle it down to the top 5 nominees. They opted to break the top 5 into their perspective medical fields accordingly.

The power is yours to yield, so I encourage you to submit nominations of your favorite chef/caterer. Everyone has their favorite dish, that memorable meal that pulls at the heartstrings. Maybe it was a wedding cake that made the evening, or a meal that made that dubbed last year’s high school graduation party a success; you tell me. I’m hungry for your nominations.