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Victoria is a small city relative to the three surrounding monsters, Austin, Houston and San Antonio. That being said, I am surprised that the locally-owned restaurants here don't get more recognition.

I know that Chomp! can be a challenge when choosing where to chow, but I try my best to stray away from the major chain restaurants. I throughout the area towns with assignments and have the opportunity to experience food cooked by abuela and tio, or babicka and teta, and usually enjoy it.I have seldom had a bad experience and I think a lot of that is because of the satisfaction that comes with trying something new.

So, the point of this short post is to encourage diners to visit a restaurant for themselves. Word of mouth is one of the oldest and most used technique of advertising. But as I write my Chomp! stories, I try to keep in mind that the negative, or not-so-stellar, comments are the ones that tend to require a lot less adhesive to stick. Don't judge a restaurant off of hearsay, and make the decision for yourself. That way, at least you can know for sure, what you are, or are not, missing out on.

This city has a lot of gems among the coals, its just a matter of stepping outside our comfort zones and giving them a try.

If you have some suggestions for restaurants to try in the future, I am always hungry. Email me at or call me at 361.574.1224.

Happy eating.